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FROZEN Inspired Dresses and Outfits available for American Girl and Bitty Baby/Twins Size Dolls

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What you find here at by Dreama

  • American Girl Dolls – We occasionally carry a limited number of retired American Girl Dolls. We will be happy to consult with you to help you with your decision or direct you to a link on the American Girl website to view photos of what they have available for purchase.
  • Retired American Doll Clothing -  Over the years I have picked up a few outfits from American Girl that have since been retired.  If you missed out on a particular American Girl doll outfit, here is your chance to add that outfit to your collection.  All are either new in boxes or packages.
  • Doll Clothing Accessories – All dolls need accessories to finish off that perfect outfit.  I carry a large variety of accessories for 18" American Girl dolls: including purses, hosiery, hairbrushes, headbands and more.
  • Casual Doll Attire –  When in doubt our casual attire choices will please almost everyone.  It includes pant sets, jean sets, tops, bottoms, just about anything casual.
  • Doll Dresses – Dresses are always in style.  Pick from a selection seasonal dresses or all year round favorites.
  • Specialty doll dresses are handmade, paying special attention to detail.  Some of our specialty doll dresses have lace overlays or pinafores.
  • Girl Scout, Brownie Outfits  - Are you a Girl Scout?  Or a Brownie Scout?  This is the place to find skort, pants and short outfits just like your Girl Scout, Brownie Uniform..
  • Novelty & Fun Doll Apparel - This is our fun and carefree doll clothing category.  Just for those fun days includes sock hop, graduation, flapper girl and  many others great outfits for your American Girl Doll
  • Oriental, Asian Doll Apparel -  With the addition of American Girl Doll Ivy, Julie’s friend, the Asian look is quickly becoming a very popular look.  Here you will find a selection of Asian dresses, skirt set and pajamas to outfit your doll.
  • Outer Wear – Burrrrr!  Cold weather always means coats and jackets.  When taking your American Girl out, make sure she is dressed for the weather in a coat or jacket.  With a large selection to choose from, she will always be dressed in style.
  • Sleepwear – Its bedtime, and with that comes a large selection of pajamas and nightgowns.  Top it off with a robe and matching slippers to make those cool nights warm and fuzzy for you and your American Girl Doll..
  • Bitty Baby Doll Clothing – Bitty was the first baby made for American Girl and she is more popular than ever.
  • Doll Shoes - Choose from many styles including: dress shoes, casual shoes, sandals, clogs and even fuzzy slippers
  • Sports Attire - This is where you will find active wear to outfit your American Girl doll for busy active days. Includes skirts, shorts, pants and tops..
  • Clearance – This is one of the most popular spots on the website. This is also good for a small budget or girls that are spending their own money for to outfit their dolls.   Here, you have an opportunity to pick up items that are either discontinued by my suppliers or are items I have decided to discontinue from my stock.  Supplies will be limited, to only what is on hand.  If you do see something that interests you, you may email me to see if it is still available, and if so, I will be happy to order it for you with my next order.  This item may be higher than it shows on the website due to having to purchase it from a supplier.

Who is Dreama?

(an excerpt from her about us page)

....Having both girls in my 40’s, I feel so blessed. Although I did not have many dolls as a child, I loved them. My love for dolls has been carried on by two who love them even more.

The girls will soon move on to other things, as age permits, but hopefully their love of dolls will still be part of their lives. We so enjoy our time together, unpacking merchandise, dressing the dolls and helping make those “wardrobe” decisions.

My interest in doll clothes started  years ago. I found that looking for doll clothes to fit the 16 and 18 inch dolls was fun, yet time consuming. A few years ago I searched for clothes that were stylish, well made and reasonably priced. Today I have expanded to include other lines, some simple; some hand sewn creations, all are beautifully made by expert seamstresses.

As a stay at home mom with many hats, meeting other moms is something I love. I look forward to working with you to make your doll clothes shopping a very rewarding experience.

My hope is when visiting my site; you will share our love for dolls, with your daughters, granddaughters or any other special girl in your life. I have not forgotten the many others, who love to collect and dress their dolls. You too, are a welcome guest........


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